Watch This Craziness As Trump Floats What Would Happen If He Sunk Russian Spy Ship

Somebody in an email chain said, “This is Bulworth, and the has access to nuclear weapons” in a comment about Donald Trump’s press conference. There was plenty said, and some of it was a little off the wall. Especially when he started talking about Russia.


Check out this clip where talks about sinking the Russian spy ship that is hanging near the Connecticut coast:

What?? Far be it for me to get into the intricacies of engaging in the act of war with Russia by choosing to sink one of their ships, but I have my doubts as to whether or not the American people would in unison say, “Ohhhh….that’s so great!”

People loathe the press, and understandably, some people may like this kind of talk at his press conferences, but it’s just not very smart. When Trump does this, he hands a gift to Democrats.


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