Mainstream Media Journalists Whine About Trump Not Picking Them at Press Conference

Yesterday, during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump called on a reporter from The Christian Broadcasting Network and Katie Pavlich from Townhall dot com to ask questions. As a result, mainstream media people were not happy.


People like Matthew Dowd are saying it is about Trump only picking friendly media outlets to ask questions:

If Trump took questions from The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, The NY Post, Boston Herald, Fox Business and other outlets that lean right to the exclusion of other outlets, this would be a valid concern. However, that is not the case.

The complaints were specifically about the outlets chosen. Here’s Katy Tur from NBC:

You can sense her level of disdain.

Glenn Thrush of the NY Times:

Sense a pattern starting to develop?

Jim Sciutto of CNN:


Sciutto doesn’t even bother to name Townhall. He just condescendingly¬†refers to them as a “conservative website.”

Lucian Kim of NPR

Do you see? This has nothing to do with any sense of fairness or concern that Trump won’t answer questions from a variety of reporting outlets. They likely think CBN and Townhall are “icky” and shouldn’t be allowed to attend press conferences.

Naturally, they don’t realize that sneering at media outlets they don’t like is part of the reason they’re so disdained. Time for a little self-reflection, people.




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