Watch Greg Gutfeld Unload On Cowardly Comedians Who Ignored Obama For Eight Years

I think Saturday Night Live has done more skits involving Donald Trump than the did of Obama during his entire Presidency. That’s not a complaint. Just a fact. Comedians didn’t have much to say about Barack Obama, and it’s not difficult to guess why. Comedians like Dana Carvey and Colin Quinn have come out and said people were afraid of being accused of racism. Now that a Republican is back in the White House and it’s Donald Trump speaking truth to power via bad jokes is all the rage.


Greg Gutfeld noticed this as well and ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show,’ he went off on the so-called comics who happened to find a certain part of their genitalia after 8 years of Obama.

He’s right. The avalanche of comedians becoming “brave” now that Trump is in the White House was predictable but did they have to make it so obvious?


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