Donald Trump Can't Shut Up and It's Inviting The Press To Question Neil Gorsuch (VIDEO)

President Trump probably wants to lash out at Neil Gorsuch, who according to Senator Richard Blumenthal, was critical of Trump’s comments about federal Judge James L. Robart who blocked Trump’s immigration.

Instead, Trump is claiming Blumenthal misrepresented what Gorsuch said and attacking Blumenthal’s comments about Vietnam. Watch this:

It raises an obvious question: How does President Trump know Blumenthal misrepresented what Gorsuch said to him?

The only one who could tell him is Gorsuch, and all it does is invite the press to start questioning Gorsuch about what he did and did not say. This is where Trump allows his thin skin to get him in trouble.

What happens when Gorsuch confirms with the press that his comments were accurately conveyed by Blumenthal? What does Trump do at that point? If Gorsuch denies it, it’s his word against Blumenthal’s, and that will become a reason for Democrats to question Gorsuch’s integrity.

Assuming Gorsuch is in the mold of Scalia, Trump is playing a dangerous game with own Supreme Court nominee. He just needs to shut up.

For once.

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