BREAKING: Senate Confirms Rex Tillerson As Secretary of State

Donald Trump’s cabinet is slowly taking shape. Rex Tillerson was confirmed by the full Senate, and so he is now, officially, the Secretary of State:

The Senate has approved former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as the next secretary of state, filling one more slot on President Donald Trump’s national security team.

The Senate voted 56 to 43, with all Republican in support and most Democrats voting against him.
Senator Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he was sure Tillerson would be an effective leader at the State Department.

“Mr. Tillerson led a global enterprise with 75,000 employees, possesses deep relationships around the world, and understands the critical role of US leadership,” Corker said in a statement. “He has expressed a commitment to defend American values and to restore U.S. credibility by strengthening old alliances and building new ones.”


Naturally, Democrats wanted to delay the process:

Democrats had hoped to delay a final vote in order to quiz Tillerson about the Trump administration’s travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. In his confirmation hearing, Tillerson said, “I do not support targeting any particular group.”

The Democrats constant hissy fits are getting out of hand. They are blubbering how they want to ask more and more and more questions. Meanwhile, in 2009, President Obama had most of his cabinet in place on the first day he took office.



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