VIDEO - Rep. Keith Ellison Attempts To Link Donald Trump To Quebec Mosque Shooting

Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison was on Morning Joe today to bash President Trump’s immigrant/refugee executive order and decided to bring up the deadly shooting inside a mosque in Quebec, Canada. For some reason, he decided, without knowing who the shooters were or what their motivation was, to link Trump to the attacks.



There are two things wrong here.

1. The suspects have been identified and lo and behold, one is French-Canadian, and one is of Moroccan heritage.

The terror suspects were identified as Mohamed el Khadir and Alexandre Bissonnette, a court clerk told The Associated Press. The two men were arrested soon after the shooting at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre Sunday night and were expected to appear in court later Monday, police told reporters.

It seems at first glance; it is highly unlikely these two were inspired by anything Donald Trump said or did because the executive order has nothing to do with Canada.

2. Ellison has the audacity to argue that a shooting such as this is “socially acceptable” to some because of Trump wants a non-existent “Muslim ban.” In other words, this wouldn’t have happened if Trump didn’t sign the executive order.

The worst part is, nobody on the panel challenged Ellison. They simply allowed his comments to stand.




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