Unbelievably, Donald Trump is Still Claiming He Was Ripped Off at the Ballot Box

I don’t get it with this guy, sometimes. Donald Trump won the Presidential election. He was sworn in. He is the President of the United States.  For some imbecilic reason, he still wants to litigate the results of the election in November, publicly and is repeating a claim he cannot support with evidence.

We know Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Every Democrat who gets their face on television blathers about it nonstop. But it is irrelevant. Donald Trump can argue about the number of people who showed up at his inauguration, but do you know how many turned up for Hillary Clinton’s? Zero. 

Therefore, it is absurd Donald Trump is once again, repeating the claim he only lost the popular vote due to 3-5 million illegal votes cast for Hillary Clinton. The real problem is, he didn’t just tweet it. He said it to a group of bi-partisan congressional leaders in a private meeting: 

Trump also reiterated the unsubstantiated claim that 3-5 million illegal votes cost him the popular vote, according to two sources familiar with the meeting.

The President has previously made this claim, tweeting in November: “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and at the time, many speculated Trump was referencing a series of fake stories on conspiracy websites that said he actually beat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote count.

Spouting this kind of unsubstantiated drivel is dangerous to the President’s prospects for getting things done. Outside of whiny Democrats, nobody cares Trump lost the popular vote. Members of Congress are not immune to carrying grudges, and by continually antagonizing them with the popular vote claim, he’s opening himself up to possible retribution at a crucial point. Trump is going to need some Democratic support for some of his proposals since it may be Republicans who won’t back him at times.

The other problem for Trump is it gives the mainstream media yet another opportunity to obsess over an issue that has no consequence. And no, this is not another “brilliant” example of media trolling. People want to think Trump is some evil genius because the media continually falls for his squirrel moments. It is possible Trump suffers from a case of the thinnest skin ever and for the press to be blithering idiots that they provide breathless nonstop coverage of issues they say do not matter. Joe Scarborough said the inauguration crowd sizes are unimportant, but they spent nearly the entire episode of Morning Joe, talking about it. 

Trump must stop engaging in this buffoonery. People close to the President have to get in his head and say, “Stop!” People are watching, including our nation’s enemies. If Trump’s ego is a means of getting to him, foreign leaders will certainly take that into account.

You’re the President of the United States, sir. It’s time to start acting like it.



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