The Women's March On Washington Is Nothing But Feel-Good Grandstanding

The Women’s March on Washington is the culmination of left-wing angst and unexpected win by Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in November. It’s being hailed as this significant “grassroots” event even though deep-pocket organizations such as Planned Parenthood are part of it. The march is a joke, and it’s designed to get suckers to write checks to professional grievance groups.

It is taking place to “…promote women’s rights, immigration reform, and LGBTQIA rights, and to address racial inequities, worker’s issues, and environmental issues.”

That’s funny. We just completed eight years of the great Obama presidency. Didn’t he solve all these problems?

So there are questions. They are marching for women’s rights. What rights don’t they have now that Donald Trump eliminated since being in office for 24 hours? Last I checked, women can still get abortions, they can still vote, they can still work, they can still drive, and they can still make their guy a sandwich when he asks for one. What exactly is the problem?

Since when is immigration reform a women’s issue? And what do they mean by “reform?” I still don’t think Donald Trump is going to build that wall. Bill Burr said “Look at the Freedom Tower. We wanted that, and it took 15 years.” Still, don’t have a problem with President Trump enforcing border security and I suspect based on the political leanings of the groups organizing this march, they’re not good with that.

As for LGBTQIA rights, I have to admit that I had no idea what the QIA meant. I had to look it up. The entire acronym stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual. If want, you can go the NOW site and see what Queer (no it’s not what you think), Intersex and Asexual (self-explanatory) mean.

As for racial inequalities, worker’s issues and environmental issues, it once again has nothing to do with “women’s rights.” It has to do with leftist group-think.  There is no “empowerment” in here. The Women’s March on Washington is a classic example of the left screaming, “Shut up!!” because they lost.

Seriously, what are they expecting to accomplish here and doesn’t it make women appear to be weaker because they have a collective freakout over who sits in the Oval Office? The irony is, the women marching and carrying their banners talking about “rights” believe their rights extend from the government, not from God or nature. The government’s role is to protect rights, not create them.

My friend Amy Otto of The Federalist said it best in this tweet:

I have to agree with this assessment. Again, Trump has been President for a little over 24 hours of this writing. How about people wait and see what he does before going berserk?