The Size of Obama's Inaugural Crowd Didn't Prevent This List of Failures

I see reports on this all over the interwebs as though it matters at all. This is the kind of stupid, petty nonsense the beltway crowd gets in a tizzy over without realizing most people don’t care.

Yes, Barack Obama’s inauguration attracted a massive crowd in 2009. It was a historic election, so that’s to be expected. An African-American President was being sworn in. In the words of Joe Biden, that was a f**king pretty big deal.

But as far as how it compares to Trump’s inaugural crowd size, the appropriate question to ask is:

So what?

Here are some questions you can direct at people when they’re all, “Obama crowd much bigger than Trump’s! How you like me now?”

  • Did the size of the crowd at Obama’s inaugural keep the national debt rising from $12 trillion to $23 trillion?
  • Did it prevent the rise of ISIS?
  • Did it prevent a record number of people being on food stamps?
  • Did it stop homegrown ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks?
  • Did it prevent massive losses for the Democratic Party in his two terms?
  • Did it prevent having the lowest labor participation rate since the 70’s?
  • Did it prevent people from being “covered” by garbage “health care” plans with $12,000 deductibles?
  • Did it prevent people from losing their better insurance plans?
  • Did it prevent people from losing their doctors?
  • Did it prevent people from being murdered by guns lost in the Fast & Furious operation?
  • Did it stop conservative groups from being harassed by the IRS?
  • Did it prevent veterans from dying awaiting care from the VA?
  • Did it prevent Justice Department from looking at AP phone records and James Rosen’s emails?
  • Did it force President Obama to release prisoners from Gitmo in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl?
  • Did it force President Obama to commute the sentence of traitor Chelsea Manning who will walk free in just a few months?

So let Obama-bots brag that he had more people show up at his inaugural. It’s not going to remove the stench of this legacy.