Did A Fox Sports Writer Tweet Barron Trump Is A Future Serial Killer?

Many people have likely forgotten the name, Elizabeth Lauten. She was a Congressional aide to Rep. Stephen Lee Fincher of Tennessee. Back in September of 2014, Lauten wrote what she thought was a private Facebook post criticizing Barack Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia’s choice of clothing. Lauten posted it on her personal Facebook profile, and one of her “friends” leaked it to the press.


The media circus that followed was asinine. Lauten’s comments were the lead story one evening on NBC Nightly News. The press camped out at the home of Lauten’s parents for days.

Donald Trump was sworn in as President just yesterday, and the hits on ten-year-old Barron Trump are already starting. Pete Blackburn of Fox Sports tweeted the following:


Killing small animals has often been associated with people being serial killers. At a young age, kids can completely dominate small animals, hence their propensity to start out abusing them before growing up and moving on to human beings.

Barron Trump is 10 years old. He’s likely not impressed by any of what’s going on….because he’s 10.

What will happen to Blackburn? Aside from some backlash in conservative media outlets and on Twitter, nothing. Trump is a Republican and the media will yawn.


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