Video: Huffington Post Writer Suggests Trump Colluded With James Comey To Influence Election

If the left wants to see Donald Trump easily get re-elected in 2020, they can go about being crazy and making it easy for people to vote for Trump (again or for the first time). Or they can stop acting like crybabies and lunatics and stop letting people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren be the voices of the Democratic Party.

On Tucker Carlson’s show, he was talking to Alex Mohajer of the Huffington Post about a piece he wrote saying Hillary Clinton is the “legitimately ” elected President. Beyond all of that silliness is the last 90 seconds of the interview where Mohajer suggests Donald Trump might have colluded with James Comey to hurt Hillary Clinton, politically. Watch this:

Insane. Of course, James Comey would still be an unknown person to most Democrats if Hillary Clinton didn’t have a private email server, which is what put her on the FBI’s radar to start!

However, expect to see more of this talk as time goes on. They’ll move beyond this craziness into the next level of craziness. But think about it for a moment.

Who could the Democrats run that wouldn’t be a volcano of left-wing inanity?