Wall Street Journal: James Comey Should Resign

Don’t get too excited, Hillary fans. The Wall Street Journal is not taking up your lame contention James Comey cost Queen Bee her rightful place to the throne of the Oval Office. The WSJ makes that clear:


In the liberal mythology about how Mrs. Clinton lost a supposedly unlosable election to an ostensibly unelectable opponent, Mr. Comey looms large. No matter that Mrs. Clinton has mountains of ethical baggage and chose not to campaign in Wisconsin.

That said, it is still remarkable the Wall Street Journal is calling on Comey to resign. This is in the wake of a report that Justice Department’s watchdog has started an investigation into Comey’s announcements leading up to the election on November 8th. According to the Journal, Comey has always been a political animal; it’s just the left didn’t care because Comey targeted the right people:

Mr. Comey has a long history of apparently political decisions, a point we underscored when President Obama nominated him for the FBI job in 2013. That includes his prosecution of Frank Quattrone, a post-Enron exercise for which the investment banker was ultimately vindicated, as well as Mr. Comey’s appointment of his close friend Patrick Fitzgerald to pursue the unpopular political targets of Scooter Libby, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney even after he knew that none of them had leaked the name of a CIA analyst to the media.

Liberals didn’t mind these prosecutorial excesses because they didn’t like Mr. Comey’s targets. Only when he turned on one of their own did they figure out, too late, the way the FBI director operates. Because both parties dislike him does not make Mr. Comey an honest arbiter who is above politics. His actions reveal that he is willing to violate Justice Department procedure and standards for his own political purposes.


The hammer is then dropped:

The best service Mr. Comey can render his country now is to resign. Failing that, Jeff Sessions should invite him for a meeting after he is confirmed as Attorney General and ask him to resign. If Mr. Comey declines, Donald Trump can and should fire him in the best interests of the nation’s most important law enforcement agency.

One of the issues I expressed  I have with Comey is he thinks too much like a prosecutor and not an investigator. Prosecutors, whether they like it or not are political animals or working for political people. The Federal Bureau of Investigation should not operate under political leadership. If neither Democrats or Republicans have faith that Comey can effectively carry out his duties, then perhaps it is best he does resign.


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