5 Whoppers President Obama Told During His Farewell Speech

Like many other people, I am eagerly awaiting President Obama’s departure from the White House. Of course, some blubbering fools wishing he could stay so that he continue his record of mediocrity and taking credit for successes that have nothing do with his policies.


Obama never does anything small and so sure enough, he gave a farewell address that was filled with praises to himself and all that he “accomplished.” Something happened along the way, however. President Obama engaged in some serious truth stretching. Some of his tales were minor, but others were more egregious. Here are five of them:

1. “We won marriage equality.”

Nonsense. The Supreme Court bailed Obama out on same-sex marriage. He didn’t “win” anything. In fact, Obama was opposed to gay marriage until it became politically expedient for him to support it. His reversal was an example of his cynical outlook on the American people, not any real change of heart.

2. “We secured the right to health care.”

Seriously? Not even the most ardent Obama supporter can defend this garbage claim. Obamacare aka The Affordable Care Act was sold on the idea of affordability, hence the name. Now, Obama and his sycophants brag about “coverage” as the gold standard. It is nonsensical to brag about something that is mandatory under the law. It’s like a Governor bragging about “securing the right to wear seatbelts.”


3. He claims race relations are better under his Presidency. 

We were sold on “hope and change,” and yet I cannot remember a time in my life when race relations were worse in this country. President Obama is one of the most divisive president’s, and it started when he decided to interject himself into the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, saying the cop in the case, “acted stupidly.” Over the course of his two terms, Obama put himself in the middle of issues dividing people by race while remaining silent on similar situations where he couldn’t score political points. A recent poll shows worries about race relations are high.

4. No Foreign Terrorist Organization Has Planned And Executed” A Terror Attack.

He believes his sycophants are stupid. So they believe this. It’s clever lawyer language designed to deflect away from the number of terror attacks on US soil that occurred as a result of radical Islamists inspired by ISIS. He wants to ignore that large scale terror attacks such as 9/11 are a thing of the past thanks to President Bush and the war on terror he started – one facet of which was putting a major squeeze on terrorist dollars. The attacks the USA has suffered through are the norm, and the President has failed to address them.


5. He “worked to close Gitmo, and reform our laws governing surveillance.”

Wow. He hasn’t closed Gitmo, and the only thing he has done is release Gitmo prisoners back into the public without informing Congress or the public and informing them as to why. As for surveillance, Obama was just as bad, if not worse than GWB when it came to domestic monitoring and wiretapping. The only reason the depth of the domestic surveillance was uncovered as due to Edward Swowden.

It’s stunning. Even in a farewell speech, the President can’t keep his nose from growing.


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