President-Elect Thin Skin Trump Tweets About Meryl Streep Because Of Course He Does

When I woke up this morning, there was a NY Times story where they had gotten a comment from Donald Trump about Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes where she blasted him in a long 5-6 minute speech.


But there were no tweets! Where were the tweets? Sure enough, he couldn’t hold out, and before he had any coffee (or after), he went after Streep on Twitter:

A. As annoying as Streep is, she is hardly an “overrated” actress. Trump does this all the time. If somebody criticizes him, he tries in vain to tear them down no matter how successful they are. If Streep praised him, he’d call her the greatest actress of all time.

B. Yes, he did mock a disabled reporter. He continues to deny this, and he does because so many of his sycophants defend him.

Trump’s going to look great tweeting these kinds of things under the @POTUS account after he is sworn.



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