On The Hillary For NYC Mayor Rumors: Will These People Please Go Away?

Bill de Blasio sucks. Most New Yorkers will agree. His policies harken back to the days of NYC in the 70’s, and 80’s when the city was dirty, the streets were crime-ridden and the ‘I Love New York’ campaign featured nothing but images of upstate and beaches in the Hamptons. There are plenty of people who could do a better job than a communist like de Blasio. But why on earth are people pining for Hillary Clinton to run for Mayor of NYC?


Bill and Hillary Clinton have been household names since 1992. Twenty-five years. If you’re from Arkansas, you’ve been acquainted with them since the 1970’s, and you have my condolences. The time has come for the two of them to disappear into private life, make gazillions of dollars and show up when former Presidents are required (or by tradition) to be in attendance.

We had eight years of a Clinton presidency. Then in 2000, Hillary Clinton rode in on her carpet to New York to win an easy winnable Senate race. Being a Senator was meant for one thing only: to prepare her for the grand prize: the presidency. In 2007, with George W. Bush’s administration in tatters and an easy opening for the Democratic Party, Hillary was in. She never thought she’d have to deal with an upstart Barack Obama campaign, but she did, and she lost. Obama rewarded her with a top cabinet post of Secretary of State. Despite an embarrassingly bad tenure that left her defenders bragging about the number of miles she traveled, it left open yet another presidential run. After nearly blowing it to a no-name 80-year-old Vermont Senator, she relied too heavily on celebrity endorsements than campaigning in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, losing the election to Donald Trump.

Twenty-five years. Enough already. 

I love New York City. I was born in Queens. I worked in Battery Park City. I vacationed in New York several years ago and when I lived in New Jersey, I would go into the city most weekends. But even I don’t want to be subjected to national media coverage for a mayoral race. I can only imagine how other people would feel.


Moveon.org was established in 1998 as a response to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the House of Representatives. The idea was people should “move on” from what people believed were not major issues facing the country. The time has come for the Clintons to move on. They’re both in their 70’s and have grandkids. They should enjoy them. They should make more millions and use it to travel and enjoy their golden years.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, go away. Do it for the sake of the country.




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