Megyn Kelly Is Going To Be Smeared and Slate Is Starting Things Off

It wasn’t hard to see it coming. Megyn Kelly, second only to Bill O’Reilly in ratings at Fox News is moving to NBC, and now the smearing of her by the left will commence. The mentally challenged over at Media Matters were out of the gate first saying NBC was “rewarding” a career based on “race baiting and propaganda.” Now Jamelle Bouie, who has gone off the deep end since Trump was elected has a piece out in Slate called, “Don’t Forget That Megyn Kelly Is a Racial Demagogue.”

Megyn Kelly has a career at Fox News that spans a dozen years, and Bouie wants to reduce Kelly’s career to several cherry-picked stories she covered. He writes:

Another thing Kelly has demonstrated is racist demagoguery, which defined much of her tenure at Fox News.

Emphasis mine. Again, she’s been there since 2004. Bouie’s first example started in 2010. If racial demagoguery defines much of her tenure, wouldn’t he have found examples dating back to when she began in 2015?

Another example he cites is funny:

In 2013, in reaction to my colleague Aisha Harris’ Slate piece, “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore,” the Fox anchor infamously claimed that both Santa Claus and Jesus of Nazareth were white men.

He cites Kelly’s response to an amazingly stupid piece at Slate as her racial demagoguery. That’s rich. Slate’s editors gave the green light to that piffle. It’s not Kelly’s fault she chose to say something about it.

Hilariously, when Bouie is concluding his little screed he writes:

This demagoguery does not form the totality of Kelly’s output, but it’s a critical part we can’t ignore.

Jamelle said it “defined much of her tenure” earlier in the piece. Which is it? Bouie attempted to establish her career at Fox News as one built around racial demagoguery but concludes saying it doesn’t form the totality of her output?

That’s what in the world of writing they call, “ass-covering.” Bouie wants it both ways. He wants to frame Kelly as a racial demagogue while leaving himself an out when he’s called on his nonsense. The fact is, if his original contention were close to the truth, he’d have listed many more examples.

Instead, it’s nothing but a hatchet job and one meant to smear Kelly’s career as a journalist.

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