NPR Host: 'Make America Great Again' Is 'Deeply Encoded' Message For 'White Prosperity'

It is going to be a long four years. Donald Trump isn’t even President yet, and the left continues to be apoplectic like they were the night Trump was elected. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize Trump, but the left seems hell bent on entertaining goofy conspiracy theories and “coded” messages.


The latest comes from NPR host, Michele Norris who says Trump’s campaign slogan, ‘Make America Great Again’ is an encoded message, meaning “white prosperity.” She was on the Face The Nation, and this is what she said:

Norris argued that Trump’s “Make American Great Again” slogan misses the mark for addressing current reality in the United States.

“In the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ there’s one word that if you are a person of color, that you sort of stumble over, and it’s the word ‘again’.” Norris observed. “Because you’re talking about going back to a time that was not very comfortable for people of color. They did not have opportunities, they were relegated to the back of the line.”

“And this was a country that — to be honest — was built on the promise of white prosperity above everything else,” she added. “And for a lot of people, when they hear that message, ‘Make America Great Again,’ deeply encoded in that message is a return to a time where white Americans can assume a certain amount of prosperity.”

According to Norris, Trump’s win was made possible by white people who feel like they are “not at the front of the line.”

In the first place, Norris needs to brush up on her history. The country was not “built on the promise of white prosperity.” The founding fathers were already prosperous. People such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, etc. were all from well to do families with wealth. Many of the founders were land speculators, securities speculators, lawyers and merchants.


Beyond that, the idea that Trump’s slogan is some encoded message for whites rings completely hollow. Yes, Trump’s victory relied heavily on the turnout of the white working class in states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Ohio. The problem with Norris’s theory is many of the voters in question, voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

These are not white people, looking for validation with a candidate like Donald Trump. They’re individuals who voted for Obama twice and didn’t see the “successes” he bragged he brought to the country. Many of them just happen to be white.

Norris’s absurdity is a prime example of how the left is going to shoot themselves in the foot with Trump over the next four years. It will likely get worse once he’s in office.


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