San Francisco Has Literally Become A Toilet After Years Of Liberal Governance

When you let people do what they want in the name of “tolerance,” it results in negative consequences. That’s precisely what has happened in San Francisco. Known for years for being super liberal, the residents are now paying the price for being so “open,” the city is now a large port-a-potty.


After 20 years of envelope-pushing changes to grow government and ease law enforcement, the once-shining City by the Bay has turned into a place where:


Where does this start? With the little things. Willie Brown helped turn San Francisco into a full-scale size commode with his absurd “live and let live” policies:

Within three years, Brown had increased the city budget by $1 billion, or 33 percent. This included new programs, 4,000 new employees, and pay raises to make the existing city workers the highest paid in the state.

He then did away with ordinances against sleeping in public and blocking sidewalks, while counterpart Rudy Giuliani was doing the opposite in a drive that ultimately reversed New York City’s growing crime and blight.

San Francisco District Attorney Terence Hallinan — who had taught Marxist seminars and helped run the Communist club at UC Berkeley, an investigation by City Journal Magazine showed – also refused to prosecute “victimless” crimes involving drugs and prostitution, saying his focus was on violent crime. The DA’s resistance to taking a hard line against drugs prompted dealers to flood into the city from across the nation, City Journal reported.


I spent a lot of time in New York City in the early 1990’s when the crack wars were still ongoing, and squeegee men ran amok. It was a great city but got much better when Rudy Giuliani was elected, and he started cleaning up the “victimless” crimes. In 1992, it wasn’t a good idea to bring kids into Times Square. It was still a place with peep shows, hookers, and addicts. That all changed and 20 years later, it’s still a clean city. We’ll see how long that lasts with that moron Bill de Blasio in the driver’s seat.

The left should be reminded over and over again what their policies bring. It’s never any good.


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