Poll: 50% of Democrats Believe Russia Tampered With Vote Counts To Help Trump

When it comes to conspiracy theories, the media is happy to focus on Republicans and Donald Trump. Birtherism is something that will not go away, but the reality is, Democrats are just as likely to believe kooky conspiracy theories as much as Republicans. A recent poll by YouGov shows fifty percent of Democrats think the Russians tampered with vote counts to help Donald Trump win.


The story deals largely with the fact that party breakdown determines the conspiracy theories people are willing to believe or not. Interestingly enough, when looking at the results, Republicans (in particular, Trump voters) are less likely to believe conspiracy theories than Hillary voters. For example, the ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy that said leaked emails from the Clinton campaign talked about a pedophilia ring run out of pizza parlor, shows 46% of Trump voters believe it but 53% do not.

Bitter Clinton voters are more easily persuaded, however, especially when it comes to the belief the Russians hacked our voting systems to help Trump:

Trump voters and Clinton voters also look differently at two Election Day conspiracy theories: that Russia actually hacked the votes to change the election results, and that there were, as Donald Trump suggested, there were “millions of people who voted illegally.”

Half of Clinton’s voters think Russia even hacked the Election Day votes (only 9% of Trump voters give that any credibility at all). Six in ten Trump voters believe there were millions of illegal votes cast on election day.

The focus since election day has mostly been relegated to Trump’s claim he lost the popular vote because of the “millions” of “illegal” votes cast for Hillary Clinton. The press meanwhile, remains silent about Democrats believing Russia manipulated vote totals to aid Donald Trump.


That’s because some of them have been complicit in spreading the “fake news” it happened. Look at this headline from Engadget:

There is zero evidence the Russians tampered with voting mechanisms to help Trump win. Zero.

But 50 percent of Democrats believe it. 

Remind people about this the next time they start blubbering about Republicans and conspiracy theories.


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