Texas Serves Notice To Planned Parenthood: No More Medicaid Dollars For You

In what is likely to be portrayed as an “attack” on “women’s health,” Texas has given noticed to the abortion factory, Planned Parenthood. They’ll no longer receive $3.1 million in Medicaid taxpayer funds.


Of course, from this story in The Texas Tribune, you can get the sense of how the media is going to frame the story:

In a move that could affect thousands of low-income women, state health officials on Tuesday delivered a final legal notice to defund the organization from the Medicaid program through which it provides family planning and women’s health services to the poor.

More about the story:

In October 2015, Texas officials delivered a notice of intent to boot Planned Parenthood from the public insurance program and gave the organization 30 days to respond to its notice and request an “informal resolution meeting” with health commission attorneys. If the organization did not act, the state said, it would issue a “final notice of termination,” formally ending Planned Parenthood’s participation in Medicaid. That order would have gone into effect 15 days after the organization received it.

The piece then goes from reporting to being opinion journalism:

Abbott and other Planned Parenthood opponents have repeatedly pointed to undercover videos filmed by an anti-abortion group that showed Planned Parenthood officials in Texas discussing the use of fetal tissue for research.


It’s a pro-life group, for starters. Also, the videos, as we know, did not discuss the use of “fetal tissue for research,” but rather the harvesting of organs of aborted babies that were then sold for profit. Also, Planned Parenthood never got consent from the women who had the abortions to harvest the organs.

People will be up in arms about this because they act is if Planned Parenthood is the only place poor women can go for health care and simply is not true.

This is a good start. We need to see this from other states as well.


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