Where Is The Outrage? Trumpers Silent As He Fills His Administration With 'Globalists'

A lot of people remember the confrontation Senator Ted Cruz had a with a Trump supporter during the campaign. At one point Cletus asks Cruz, “Where’s your Goldman Sachs jacket? We know your wife works there!”


It was a shot taken not only at Cruz but also one at Hillary Clinton. After all, it was Trump who said Goldman Sachs had “total control” over her. The hardcore Donald Trump supporters call people such as Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Marco Rubio, “globalist traitors” and shriek about “globalism” at every turn.

Yet, the silence is deafening now that Donald Trump is filling his cabinet and other administrative posts with these so-called “globalists.”

The best part was watching Trump fans laugh and chortle over Donald Trump not choosing the rich “globalist” Mitt Romney for Secretary of State in favor of Rex Tillerson – they very wealthy CEO of a global oil and gas company.

On the Goldman Sachs front, Trump will have Goldman Sachs Chief Financial Officer Gary Cohn head up Trump’s National Economic Council. Trump’s choice to head the Department of Treasury is Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sach’s partner and Anthony Scaramucci, a former Goldman Sachs banker plays a vital role in Trump’s transition team.

Trump’s choice for Commerce Secretary is Wilbur Ross. A former banker and leveraged buyout specialist, Ross is worth $2.9 billion. He is now a venture capitalist but when he was buying companies he was also doing what Trump railed about – sending jobs to Mexico and China:

Here’s how it worked: In 2004, Ross bought Cone Mills, a North Carolina textile company facing bankruptcy, as Bloomberg detailed in a 2012 write-up. He combined it with another textile company, Burlington Industries, to form International Textile Group. And it was renamed Cone Denim. Bloomberg explained that Ross expanded production “in less-expensive emerging markets” and that he also “eliminate[d] duplicative facilities.”

In other words, layoffs and outsourcing.


In his most recent news, Donald Trump is going to ask Rick Perry to be his Secretary of Energy. Google “Rick Perry” and “globalist” and you’ll find all kinds of references to Perry, Alex Jones, and Breitbart. Perry is considered to be a “RINO globalist, ” and Trumpers were thrilled when Perry dropped out of the Republican race especially after he said Trump was a “cancer” to conservatism.

To be honest, I think many of these picks are quite good. When you want to change the system as Trump claims he wants to do, you bring people in who know the system, not activists who rail about it. The question is whether or not he does it or he’s going to be a run of the mill Republican President.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.


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