Mitt Romney Hits Harry Reid With A Verbal Flamethrower

As most everybody knows, Senator Harry Reid (Dirtbag – Nevada) has quite the history with Mitt Romney. In 2012, Reid took to the floor of the Senate and accused Mitt Romney, sans evidence, of being a criminal. He accused Romney of being a tax cheat.


From the Senate floor. With no evidence.

Worse yet, when confronted with the fact that he was lying about Romney, Reid smiled and said, “It worked, didn’t it?” 

Now Reid has the audacity to say that he “respected” Mitt Romney, but doesn’t now because he considered taking a job in the Trump administration. Here is what Reid said:

“This is man who came out big-time against Trump. Oh, the things he said about Trump. Well, that’s great, that’s wonderful,” Reid said. “Either he wasn’t telling the truth, or he’s a person with no character. After having said that, to go and do homage to this guy he said awful things about, I don’t think that shows much character.”

“Mitt Romney is somebody I had respect for,” Reid said, in a somewhat dubious assertion. “I have none anymore.”

Many people, myself included, believe Romney thought about being Secretary of State in a Trump administration, despite his misgivings, out of a sense of patriotism and serving his country. In the end, Donald Trump felt more comfortable with Rex Tillerson. These things happen.


As for Romney he issued the following statement through a spokesperson:

“I was indeed very critical of Mr. Trump during his campaign. But now he has been elected president and accordingly, if I could have helped shape foreign policy to protect the country I love, I would have been more than willing to do so.”

He then unloaded on Harry Reid:

“As for Mr. Reid, I lost respect for him when he repeatedly lied about my taxes and later admitted to it cheerily. Good riddance, Mr. Reid. The Senate will be better served without you in it.”



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