Mike Pence Denies Mike Flynn Jr. Has Role In Transition Despite Having .gov Email Address (VIDEO)

As I wrote about earlier today, General Mike Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr. is a fan of tweeting out conspiracy theories and appears to be a fanboy of alt-right ‘star’ Mike Cernovich, who also traffics in bizarre conspiracy theories. Flynn Jr. has a .gov email address indicating he is on the transition team, but on Morning Joe Today, Vice-President-elect, Mike Pence said Junior has no role in the transition. Watch:


So if he has no involvement, why does he have a .gov email address? 

Granted, Pence is a smooth politician so he may see “role” differently than others. Is Flynn Jr. sitting in on discussions and meetings? Maybe not. But the fact that he has an email means he is privy to information the rest of us are not. So while he may have no “role” in the transition, he’s certainly on the inside.

Given Junior Flynn’s propensity for spreading conspiracy theories and constantly RT’ing an alt-right character who also spreads conspiracy theories, there’s no telling what information he’s handing out and to whom.

This is interesting. Jake Tapper sent out these two tweets regarding Junior Flynn’s role:


One hour later:




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