Buzzfeed Published Instructions On What People Should Do With Their 'Fixer Upper' Article

In an era where people are freaking out about “fake news,” it’s noteworthy to point out just how “fake” Buzzfeed’s story was on Chip and Joanna Gaines, the couple who host the HGTV show, ‘Fixer Upper.’


The story appears to have originated after the author, Kate Aurthur, tweeted the show was “ruined” for her, knowing many of the guests on the series likely voted for Donald Trump. ‘Fixer Upper’ is shot in and around Waco, Texas. The article had no merit other than to possibly create a backlash against the couple based on their pastor’s view of gay marriage.

In other words, fake. 

A friend of mine, Austin Lee, tweeted out something that caught my eye:

It’s amazing! Buzzfeed published a how-to guide on what to do about one of their stories if you saw it on Facebook!

You can read the entire article here, but there are a few screen shots below:






Thanks, Buzzfeed! This will certainly come in handy, I’m sure.



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