Kate Aurthur of Buzzfeed Writes Hit Piece On Chip And Joanna Gaines of 'Fixer Upper' Three Days After This Tweet

If you’re a fan of HGTV and shows such as ‘House Hunters’ and ‘Property Brothers’ then you are likely aware of the show ‘Fixer Upper’ with husband and wife team, Chip and Joanna Gaines. The show is similar to that of ‘Property Brothers’ in that a couple looks for a house on a budget that allows them to do renovations. Chip and Joanna give them an idea of what they can make the house look like and then they’re off to work.


Unlike ‘Property Brothers,’ the focus of the show is not the couple buying the home but the process Chip and Joanna go through to complete the renovation. They’re like the cutest couple on TV. They get along great. They have beautiful children, a growing business and they have made it to where Waco no longer reminds people of Branch Davidians.

The fourth season of their show is about to start, and since this happy Christian couple is a favorite of millions, Buzzfeed decided it was time to find out the truly important reason for their existence: How the Gaines feel about the gays.

But why? What would the motivation be? Perhaps this tweet by the author of the article had something to do with it:

Amazing. That happens and a mere three days later a nice big juicy hit piece about Chip and Joanna appears in Buzzfeed.

I am shocked.

So instead of waiting to ask them, Buzzfeed decided to go check out where they go to church. 

They are also, as they detail in The Magnolia Story, devout Christians — Joanna has spoken of and written about her conversations with God. (God told her both to close her store to spend time with her children, and then to reopen it a few years later.) Their church, Antioch Community Church, is a nondenominational, evangelical, mission-based megachurch. And their pastor, Jimmy Seibert, who described the Gaineses as “dear friends” in a recent video, takes a hard line against same-sex marriage and promotes converting LGBT people into being straight.

So are the Gaineses against same-sex marriage? And would they ever feature a same-sex couple on the show, as have HGTV’s House Hunters and Property Brothers? Emails to Brock Murphy, the public relations director at their company, Magnolia, were not returned. Nor were emails and calls to HGTV’s PR department.

Fixer Upper has fans of all stripes: Christians, feminists, and LGBT viewers have all found something to love in the Gaineses. So in the absence of a response from them or their representatives, it’s worth looking at the severe, unmoving position Seibert and Antioch take on same-sex marriage.


Oh, it’s worth looking at? For what? What does their Pastor have to do with them? So Buzzfeed asked:

When reached by phone, Antioch Community Church’s communications director pointed me toward the church’s website under “beliefs,” where it states, “Marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime.” The church has held the same position since Seibert founded it 17 years ago, she said.

Oh. My. God. 

A Christian church believes marriage is between a man and a woman. How horrible. A church teaching what’s in the bible? When does that happen?

Churches also teach that Christ was born of a virgin, was crucified, died and then rose three days later. Is Buzzfeed going to do a deep dive into that? This is nothing but an attempt by Buzzfeed to get the ball rolling on a digital mob backlash against a show and a couple that millions of people love watching. And why? Because Buzzfeed does not think there are “two sides” to the marriage debate.

Other media outlets are picking it up. Cosmopolitan is already getting the pitchforks out:

While it is unclear if Chip and Jo agree with Seibert’s beliefs, BuzzFeed notes their request for comment from the couple’s company, Magnolia, and HGTV’s PR department (asking to see if they would ever feature a same-sex couple on Fixer Upper specifically) their messages went unanswered. And while fans shouldn’t necessarily jump to conclusions about what this might mean, for many people who watch the show, their silence speaks volumes.

Here’s hoping they speak up about this soon.


“Their silence speaks volumes.”

In what way? They’re preparing to launch the fourth season of their show, and because Buzzfeed is demanding answers to what the couple will do in the future, they’re supposed just to acquiesce to what Buzzfeed wants or else it “speaks volumes?”

All this because a Buzzfeed writer thinks the couples appearing on the shows voted for Donald Trump.



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