Hillary Clinton Joining The Recount In Wisconsin Is A Waste Of Time


There’s nothing quite like a sore loser. It’s one thing for Jill Stein to scam her fans out of millions to engage in a recount that does nothing for her. It is quite another for Hillary Clinton to do it, especially since nothing will change if she’s successful.

The problem is, there is nothing that suggests a recount will find Clinton won.

I’ve seen some comparisons already to the 2008 Minnesota race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman. “On election night, Coleman was leading and thanks to a recount, Franken won!” There is a major difference. On election night, Coleman only led by 215 votes. After the recount was done and previously rejected absentee ballots counted, Al Franken was declared the winner.

On Wisconsin, Trump leads by at least 22,000 votes. It is going to take a miracle for Hillary to win a recount with a deficit of that many votes. Does team Hillary believe Wisconsin election officials are so incompetent, they’d screw up so badly to miss her winning by tens of thousands of votes?

Even if the miracle happened, it wouldn’t deliver Hillary the election. She’d have to win a recount in Michigan as well. More importantly, she’d have to win a recount in Pennsylvania. The deadline to request a recount in Pennsylvania is Monday, November 28. In that case, Hillary would have to overcome a 68,000 vote deficit.

So why is she doing it? There have been unsubstantiated rumors of malfeasance and the hacking of election results. Any continuation of that allegation begins to sound a conspiracy theory more than anything else. Is it to placate her most loyal supporters? If so, there are much better ways to do that.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this other than to get perhaps under Donald Trump’s skin. If that’s the case, Hillary needs to some more wandering in the woods because Trump is going to have enough issues to deal with when he takes the oath of office.

Maybe it’s just sour grapes. This is the second time Hillary thought of the presidency as a coronation. She thought it was hers because she deserved it, not because she thought she’d have to work hard to get it. Initiating a recount in one state that won’t change the results of the election is a waste of time. I suspect Hillary knows this but doesn’t care.


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