Protestors Clash With White Nationalists At National Policy Institute Conference

This was bound to happen. The alt-right, contrary to the protestations of Breitbart News employees, is made up mostly of white nationalists. They latched themselves on to the Trump campaign and saw his victory as their victory.


One of the leaders in the white nationalist movement is Richard Spencer. Spencer, who recently had his Twitter account suspended, is chairman of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist advocacy group. They held a conference this weekend in DC.

The weekend-long conference called “Become Who We Are—2016”  was organized by the alt-right think tank National Policy Institute to mark the emergence of the racist movement by way of the presidential campaign, according to the event page.

“It was a time when more people joined our movement than ever before and when our ideas began invading the mainstream,” reads a description of the event on NPI’s web site.

The once fringe-alt right movement entered popular discourse due to its association with the Trump campaign, most notably through the president-elect’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon. Before he became Trump’s campaign manager, Bannon was the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a haven for white nationalists and news with an extreme right bent.


Protesters showed up and sure enough, fights broke out:

To say that the appointment of Bannon is going to be a lingering problem is an understatement. Bannon can protest all he wants, but this movement claims Bannon, Trump and Breitbart News as their allies.

This is likely going to get worse before it gets better.




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