Ted Cruz For Attorney General?

This is interesting news, but not something I see happening. Ted Cruz is a big personality, and no matter what he does, Cruz won’t be able to make this about him. There was some whispering about the Supreme Court, and that would make a lot more sense.


That said, I think Democrats would lose their collective minds so it would be funny. I remember when George W. Bush selected John Ashcroft as his Attorney General and the left went into freak out mode thinking he was going to take away their collection of p0rn mags. He turned out to be quite a competent AG.

With that said, here is the tweet from Jennifer Jacobs at Bloomberg with the rumor:

“Discussing” it could just as well have gone something like this:

Pence: “Hey Donald, what about Ted Cruz for Attorney General?”

Trump: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s funny, Mike. No.”


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