Senator Ben Sasse: We Have A Duty To Hope For President-Elect Trump's Success

Senator Ben Sasse is one of the few Republican officeholders opposed to Donald Trump from the start and remained steadfast in that right up until election day. Now Sasse, like others (yours truly, included) are willing to give Donald Trump a chance to prove everybody wrong beyond winning.

Sasse has an op-ed in the Omaha World-Herald News where he discusses it, but laid out some key points in a series of tweets this morning that is worth looking at:

There is certain to be bitter and angry Trump supporters who will say, “Screw you, Sasse! You didn’t get aboard the train earlier! Too bad!” These people sound as pathetic as the Hillary supporters protesting Trump’s win.

It’s in Trump’s best interests to work with all Republicans at least for the first two years of his presidency. The GOP has a tenuous hold on the Senate and it there is no telling what happens in 2018.

Time to move forward.

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