Trump Supporters Harass CNN Reporter At Rally

The vitriol the press gets at times is deserved. Not only are members of the media biased, but they are also often sloppy and lazy. For many, adherence to the latest narrative is what matters more than anything else. They should be criticized because a free press also means people are free to speak out when they think the press is wrong or biased.


That said, there is no cause for screaming and yelling at reporters the way we have seen people do at Trump rallies. And now there is a video of Noah Gray from CNN trying to document why Donald Trump was removed from the stage by Secret Service, and he gets harassed by Trump supporters. Some of them got physical.

It was Brian Stelter of CNN who identified the man with the camera as Noah Gray

This is ridiculous. Reporters have jobs to do. That is why they are there. Trump supporters acting like thugs just gives Hillary Clinton and Democrats more ammo against him.


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