Senator Jeff Flake Indicates He May Vote For Evan McMullin

Senator Flake had better prepare for a Trump tweet storm. Nothing gets under the Spray Tan Wonder’s skin more than the feeling of being slighted and a Republican Senator expressing possible support for an independent presidential candidate, will likely be more than Trump can handle.


I’m sure Reince Priebus will whimper a little bit as well. Oh well.

Having ruled out Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said he might vote for independent candidate Evan McMullin for president.

“That’s a possibility,” he told ABC’s Jon Karl and Rick Klein during an interview on their podcast “Powerhouse Politics.” Arizona voters can write McMullin in on their ballot.

Flake, among a handful of Senate Republicans who have never supported Trump, says his popularity has dropped at home because of it, and that he’s relieved he’s not up for re-election until 2018, by which time he hopes tempers will have subsided.

“I won’t lie, it’s not been easy,” he said, going on to paraphrase a John McCain joke that Congress’ popularity is down to paid staffers and blood relatives.

“I always thought I was fine having 10 siblings and 69 first cousins on my father’s side. I’m not sure that blood relatives, they hold anymore,” he joked.

Despite polls showing tightening margin’s between Clinton and Trump in many battleground states, Flake said he was skeptical that the outcome of the race, which he said Trump will be “very unlikely” to win, will be close.


I think Flake is right. There is so much talk of “tightening” but tightening to what? This is common in almost every presidential election. The race gets tighter with a week to go and then the undecideds finally break. Based on all of the data collected so far, ‘Madame President’ is something to get used to saying.

ABC’s story about what’s going on in Utah is pretty interesting:


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