Hillary Clinton and Her Supporters Forget She Is To Blame For Her Troubles, Not James Comey

To witness Hillary Clinton, her campaign staff, friends in the media, Democratic operatives and her supporters talk about James Comey, it’s reminiscent of the good ole days of Ken Starr. The man whom Democrats praised in July, is now a pariah, who may cost Hillary Clinton the election.

It is not difficult to surmise; James Comey was likely an unknown figure in American politics before his July statement where he essentially exonerated Hillary Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing following an investigation into her State Department emails and the server she maintained at her home in Chappaqua, New York. Comey subsequently went back to his role as Director of the F.B.I. and was not heard from until this past Friday.

Comey’s under-the-radar status died a quick death on Friday when he said the F.B.I. was investigating state department based emails found on a laptop belonging to Anthony and Huma Weiner. The emails were discovered during an investigation into Anthony Weiner’s alleged sexting with a 15-year-old girl. Comey sent a letter to Republican committee chairmen and copied Democrat leaders, explaining the inquiry was underway. Comey offered little in the way of details, but the damage was done.

This sent shockwaves through Washington DC and particular, the Clinton campaign. Ten days out from election day, the polls were already showing a tightening in Donald Trump’s favor. It is the last thing Hillary needed, and sure enough, it has dominated news coverage since Friday night.

The manner in which Democrats have lashed out at James Comey ranged from using tepid terms such as “unprecedented” and “inappropriate” to more hyperbolic terminology such as Hillary Clinton calling it “deeply troubling.” Also, Hillary had the audacity to call on James Comey to be transparent and to release any information he has, as quickly as possible. Some responses were expectedly off the rails. Howard Dean tweeted Comey was “on the side of Putin” and outgoing Senator Harry Reid suggested Comey may have violated The Hatch Act (a law that prohibits executive level officials, with some exceptions, from using their authority to influence elections). He also accused Comey of keeping secret, information tying Donald Trump to Russia in an official capacity.

The hyperbole notwithstanding, seeking to pin the blame for this on James Comey is shortsighted and goes to the condition of the Clintons and their sycophants. The sycophants are much like the mothers seen in television and movies who scream, “My son is a good boy!” after he guns down six innocent people in the commission of another crime. Bill and Hillary Clinton are similar to the horrid ‘American Idol’ auditioners, who can’t sing worth a damn, but look genuinely befuddled when told they stink and won’t be moving on to the next round.

Hillary Clinton would likely be cruising to a big victory next week if she had just followed the rules when she became Secretary of State. This isn’t rocket science. Anybody with a functioning brain knows Hillary set up the email server in her home to control access and also shield herself from FOIA requests. That she was sloppy and perhaps reckless in her use of the email, that it resulted in a criminal F.B.I investigation, is nobody’s fault but her own.

It is not James Comey’s fault. It is not Anthony Weiner’s fault. It is not Huma Weiner’s fault. All she had to do was use a state.gov email address, and none of this is an issue. But the Clintons are prone to behave more like the Clantons. They believe the rules do not apply to them. This gets them into trouble just short of criminal prosecution, and as a result, they think their actions were totally above board. Ethics and morality are foreign terms to them.

This still may not matter in the scheme of things. But if it does and by some miracle, Donald Trump wins next week; Hillary Clinton will have nobody to blame but herself.


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