The Idiotic Attacks Against Paul Ryan From The Populist Right, Continue

Paul Ryan is one of the truest conservative Republicans in government. With a 96% lifetime rating from the ACU, it hasn’t been long since Democrats portrayed Paul Ryan as a man who was pushing an old woman in a wheelchair off a cliff.

These days, Ryan is under attack from pseudo-conservatives, the overwhelming majority of which, are Donald Trump supporters. The website that bears Andrew Breitbart’s name is a leader in this movement and a recent piece published there, only proves how the site is sullying Andrew’s name.

The title says, “He’s With Her: Inside Paul Ryan’s Months-Long Campaign to Elect Hillary Clinton President.”

The title alone screams “stupid” but it actually gets worse:

Donald Trump made headlines this week when he questioned whether Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan wanted him to prevail over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Maybe not,” Trump told Good Morning America on Tuesday. “Because maybe he wants to run in four years… or maybe he doesn’t know how to win. I mean, who can really know?” Trump said.

Paul Ryan stomped his moron primary opponent, Paul Nehlen by a mere 70 points in early August. Ryan, unlike Trump, is going to easily be re-elected in a district that will likely vote for Hillary over Trump.

Then there is this gem:

The view that Ryan “doesn’t know how to win,” however, neglects the reality that both Ryan and Clinton share a progressive, globalist worldview, which is at odds with Trump’s “America first” approach.

This is idiotic. The notion that Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan share a “progressive” worldview on anything is laughable.

However, the Trump-Right has taken to using the word “globalist” to describe anybody who doesn’t agree with Trump’s short-sighted view on trade mainly, free trade. They use to falsely claim the mantle of “conservatism.” Trump lies to his supporters, saying he’s going “make deals” to “bring back jobs” to the United States. He’s convinced many people, eliminating valuable trade agreements we have with partners like Mexico and imposing tariffs on China will be beneficial to American citizens. Nothing is further from the truth. Scott Lincicome wrote a terrific piece in National Review that picks up apart Trump’s viewpoints and you should read it.

Donald Trump, who supports Planned Parenthood, has similar views on trade as Bernie Sanders and who promises to “alone” take certain actions as President, is less conservative than some of his fellow Republicans in office in the northeast.

Paul Ryan has a solid conservative record on taxes, spending, national defense, national security, social issues and the second amendment. Only a dummy says Ryan is similar in any way, politically to Hillary Clinton.

Paul Ryan, the conservative, is going to win re-election. Donald Trump, on the other hand, a quasi-progressive populist, is closing in on a humiliating defeat.

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