Rubio Warns GOP: Don't Be Cheerleaders For Wikileaks

Marco Rubio sits on the intelligence committee in the Senate and he’s concerned about the Wikileaks hacks. There is plenty of evidence to suggest Julian Assange is nothing but a tool for the Russians and Vladimir Putin. So Rubio is sending a warning to fellow Republicans not to cheer on Wikileaks:


“I will not discuss any issue that has become public solely on the basis of Wikileaks,” said Rubio, who sits on the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. “As our intelligence agencies have said, these leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process and I will not indulge it.”

Rubio’s position is a clear break with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and some of his surrogates. Trump has repeatedly exploited the hack, blasting out though his Facebook and Twitter accounts negative Clinton headlines that have emerged and encouraging his supporters at rallies to look at the revelations themselves because, he said, the media aren’t reporting on it enough.

The media should be reporting on it. It is news after all.

That said, Rubio is 100% right this is not something the GOP should be celebrating. If the Russians are behind this and can hack the DNC, they can likely hack the RNC. Things like this can come back to bite people and it could get ugly.



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