Law Firm Twitter Account: Trump's Garbage Conspiracy The Election Is 'Rigged'

That the election is ‘rigged’ against Donald Trump, is a theme beginning to emerge – because of Donald Trump. He is the one floating the idea at rallies. Naturally, his reasoning is simplistic: By coming up with some kind of wild-eyed theory that political forces beyond his control are looking to install Hillary Clinton as President of the United States, he wouldn’t have to deal with being a big time loser.


The Ashby Law Firm released a series of tweets earlier today, dismissing the notion the election is rigged and why. It’s a long series of tweets so I put it into Storify. Take a look:

It is really quite fascinating, particularly the part where they talk about “poll watching.” They’re right. Trump doesn’t want people at polling places to assist. He wants his merry band of cultists to show up, intimidate, whine about non-existent “irregularities” and essentially lend weight to the idea the whole thing is rigged.

This will get louder and worse over the next several weeks.


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