Sandy Hook Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit Dismissed; Democrats Lie Explained

In a move that surprised nobody, a judge in Connecticut has dismissed a lawsuit family members of Sandy Hook shooting victims had brought against a gun manufacturer, Remington.

In her decision granting the company’s motion to strike the case, Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis invoked a federal statute known as PLCAA, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

The law prohibits lawsuits against gun manufacturers and distributors if their firearms were used in the commission of a criminal act.

The families had sought an exemption through a claim of “negligent entrustment,” arguing the maker knowingly marketed and sold the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle to civilians despite knowing it posed a risk when used outside “highly regulated institutions” such as law enforcement or the military. Remington is the parent company of Bushmaster.

Bellis said the “criminal misuse of a weapon” by Adam Lanza means the action “falls squarely within the broad immunity provided by PLCAA,” adding that the arguments presented by the families do not fit within the definition of negligent entrustment.

The families said they will appeal, but it won’t go anywhere. The PLCAA is pretty straightforward.

Naturally, Democrats have resorted to lying about gun manufacturers, claiming they and their prodicts are protected from liability. They stop after “liability,” which turns their statement into a lie. Gun manufacturers are only protected against liability from lawsuits where their products are used in the commission of a crime. The only reason gun manufacturers needed this protection is anti-gun zealots were going to use the court system as a sword, rather than a shield as a means of attempting to put manufacturers out of business.

Remington can still be held liable if one of their products malfunctions, resulting in injury or death. But it is absurd to claim Remington Arms is responsible for the actions of Adam Lanza, who happened to use one of their products to kill.

There are millions of people who own Remington rifles and shotguns who don’t go out and commit acts of murder.

The judge made the right decision.

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