Ben Carson To CNN's Brianna Keilar: You Haven't Heard Enough Men Boast Of Sexual Conquests

So Trump’s “grab them by the p**sy” comments are still a thing. On CNN, Brianna Keilar was interviewing Trump surrogate, Ben Carson when the discussion turned briefly to Donald Trump’s comments about women mad on a hot mic during a taping of Access Hollywood.


Carson seemed to think what Trump was doing was merely boasting of “sexual conquests.” When Keilar said she had never heard that kind of thing, Carson’s response left her rather stunned.

Keilar: Where are you hanging out and with whom are you hanging out that you hear people talking like this?

Carson: One as I was growing up people were always trying to talk about their like…sexual conquest and trying to make themselves appear, you know, like Casanova. I’m surprised you haven’t heard it

Keilar: I haven’t heard it and I know maybe that’s the problem a lot of people who have not heard it.

Carson:Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe that’s the problem. 

Keilar: The problem is that i haven’t…

Carson: Maybe that’s the problem but whether they’ve haven’t — heard it or not, the issue is the train that’s going off the cliff. 

Trump needs to get better surrogates.



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