Winners and Losers from Tonight’s Second Presidential Debate

Tonight Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the second Presidential debate. The town hall format was beneficial to Donald Trump who is not used to being limited to 90 seconds at a time. This format allowed for him to talk a lot more and there were a number of times he had Hillary Clinton rattled. I imagine Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broaddrick bothered her more than her campaign let on. Trump really came to this debate prepared.



DONALD TRUMP – Look, Trump had the worst 48 hours that any candidate could possibly have. And yet, because of the aforementioned format, Trump was able to gain the upper hand. All of the p***y? Gone. Trump looked as though he was on some kind of depressants early on. But as the evening went on, he found his footing and had Hillary on her heels a number of times. When Hillary does that cackle laugh, you know she’s nervous and Trump had her do it several times.

THE AUDIENCE –  This was better than the first debate. Because the candidates could speak freely and had more time to talk, it was a more lively debate. It wasn’t some kind of timed back and forth. It got slow at times but overall was interesting to watch!

THE FLY THAT LANDED ON HILLARY’S FACE –  One person said “Hillary is undead” and another said, “The fly smells her bulls**t.”




HILLARY CLINTON – She was off her game. She rambled like she was giving a floor speech in the Senate. She had a chance to throw a knockout punch at Donald Trump and instead looked more at times like Glass Joe from Nintendo’s Punch-Out. I lost count how many times she said to go to her website or whine about the lack of “fact checking” as the debate went on. Trump had her on the ropes several times.

MARTHA RADDATZ – Why is she allowed to moderate debates? She came off as biased against Mitt Romney Paul Ryan in 2012 and tonight was arguing with Donald Trump. At one point she practically yelled, “Tell be about your plan!” (Related to Syria) It was pretty pathetic. Anderson Cooper did a decent job. He was the one trying to be professional.

THE MEDIA – Let’s face it. They were hoping that Donald Trump was going to be walking away with his tail between his legs but to his credit, Trump didn’t back down. He kept going at her and didn’t stop. It remind me of Duke in Rocky II saying, “I saw you beat that man, like I never saw a man get before and the man kept coming after you.” Every punch Hillary threw, he just going back at her and the media is going to HATE having to say Trump won.

There are some posts up already having to do with the debate and we will have more. The bottom line is, everybody thought this debate would finish Trump off and it didn’t. This is not going improve his standing in the polls (in my view) but he’s going to be standing to fight for another day.


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