Did Marla Maples Leak Trump's 1995 Tax Return?

There is a possibility she did. Olivia Nuzzi has the story in The Daily Beast and some of it seems rather odd but apparently there are clues in there:

At 1:34 p.m. Sunday, Donald Trump’s second ex-wife, Marla Maples, tweeted a photograph of a pumpkin patch. Does what happened next contain clues that confirm she anonymously mailed Trump’s 1995 tax return to The New York Times?


Maybe, or maybe it’s nothing at all! Please bear with me here.

Maples, who told me last month she’s been practicing Kabbalah for twenty years, captioned the photo of the pumpkins and the hay, “#FallLove Breathe it in as if 2day’s the first day of your life. The kabbalist’s say 2nite Adam&Eve were created. S… [sic]”

 In response to the tweet, Marc Caputo, a Politico reporter, said, “TFW you serve up a cold plate of revenge and then appreciate fall as you think about Etz Hayim, the Shekinah & Isaac ben Luria.”

Twitter user @PoliticalBuffs then replied to Maples and Caputo, “wow. How do u know abt those stuff? [sic]”

To which Maples said, “A lot of studying & an open mind to learn” with both a star emoji and a prayer emoji.

I don’t know what the heck any of that means, really.

Further down, she gets to the crux of the issue:

The documents were mailed with a New York City postmark and a Trump Tower return address to Times reporter Susanne Craig, who covers City Hall but in August displayed a nuanced understanding of Trump’s business dealings with the story “Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties.” As far as the public knows, that’s the only information about the sender.

Besides Trump, who would be in possession of such a valuable document?

Maples would.

In 1995, Trump was married to the zen actress (their holy union would come to its unfortunate conclusion two years later). She signed the tax returns “Marla Trump” in her delicate script.

Her spokeswoman, Elissa Buchter, did not respond when asked if she was behind the leak, not that she would have any incentive to. The attorney who represented Maples in her divorce from Trump (and also represented Ivana Trump in her divorce from Trump, but that’s another story), Robert Stephan Cohen, did not respond to two phone calls Saturday night to his office and home.

Nuzzi goes on to say a source said it is possible somebody in the casino business with a grudge might have released the information except how would they have gotten a hold of it?

It seems the only people who would have access to these documents are Donald Trump, whatever accounting firm or tax attorney prepared his returns or….Marla Maples.

I can’t imagine a tax attorney risking disbarment over Trump’s taxes. Maples on the other hand, is an avowed liberal and releasing this only helps one person – Hillary Clinton.





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