Group Of "Protesters" Beat A Man In A Charlotte Parking Garage

When does a protest become a riot? What we’re witnessing in Charlotte are not protests. When people are looting, causing property damage, attacking cops, attacking reporters and generally engaging in criminal behavior, it is not a “protest.”

It’s a riot.

Social media has brought us up close to what’s happening. Whereas we used to have to rely on footage from helicopters, people with camera phones are capturing footage on the ground. Unfortunately, many of the people filming these incidents are doing it for fun, not to aid law enforcement.

The video below appears to show a group of young black men, viciously attacking a man and pulling his pants off before an approaching vehicle causes them to disburse:

This and the other acts of violence are doing the people looking for justice no good. People don’t want this kind of nonsense tied to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Too bad.

If Trump is responsible for all of garbage that his alt-right supporters spew, then why are Deray and other rabble-rousers like him not held to account for the violence that occurs after these police officer involved shootings?

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