Media Criticizes Trump But Not Hillary For Referring To Explosion In NYC As A 'Bomb'

People in the mainstream media, for whatever reason, are almost always befuddled as to why they’re as popular as used car salesmen, lawyers and the politicians they cover. Journalists snicker at the term, “liberal media” and with good reason. It makes it appear if there is a coordinated effort among media outlets to purposely spin stories or drive coverage to the advantage of Democrats over Republicans.

It’s true the press does do that but it’s usually the result of the innate biases of the journalist themselves. More often than not however, the press is just lazy and sloppy. Rather than admit this is the case at times, the media almost always goes into a defensive crouch, pretending the critics are engaging in hyperbole.

The explosion yesterday in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City is a perfect example of the two standards the media has for Republican candidates and Democratic candidates.

Donald Trump was in Colorado when he said a “bomb” had gone off in NYC. Immediately, the press was all over him for not waiting for the  “facts” or “details” to come in. The Washington Post, CBS News, USA Today and other media outlets all did their finger wagging best in chastising Trump for daring to suggest the explosion was a bomb.

But what of Hillary Clinton? During quick Q&A with press members aboard her plane, she referred to the “bombings in New York and New Jersey” and what did press members there do? Watch this:


She is actually asked what Hillary thought of Trump referring to the explosion as a bomb, 40 SECONDS after Hillary referred to the explosion as a “bombing” and then has the audacity to say people should wait for all of the facts!

This is the kind of ridiculousness that drives conservatives crazy about the press.

Also…..what is wrong with Hillary? She doesn’t look well. I know her press overlords will say she’s “recovering from pneumonia” but it appeared as though she was going to fall asleep


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