Donald Trump Continues His Crusade Against The First Amendment

One of the last remaining arguments Trump supporters have in their arsenal to convince people to support their guy is the Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court is at risk! Do you want to hand it over to Hillary Clinton??”


When expressing any doubts about Trump, the classic retort is, “Oh yeah? Well we KNOW what Hillary Clinton will do. We don’t know what Trump will do!”

I’m sorry but is that supposed to bring me comfort?

Sometimes knowing what’s coming down the road allows for adequate preparation to deal with the issue. The unknown leaves to much to chance.

Donald Trump’s complete disregard for the freedom of the press his constant threats against the press is an affront to our liberty and the constitutional protections afforded us under the first amendment. He’s at it again. He tweeted this:

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He must have the worst lawyers if he thinks they’d be able get away with this. It goes to show he has zero respect for the constitution and it’s why I don’t take, “BUT, SCOTUS!” arguments seriously.


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