Eric Bolling Dismisses Polling Data Citing Trump Crowds; Dana Perino Incredulous (VIDEO)

In 2012, polls showing Romney was losing were being dismissed by Republicans left and right. “The polls are skewed!” was a common cry. Some guy even created a website devoted to “unskewing” the polls as people were claiming the pros were weighting the polls incorrectly. Part of it was due to Romney having big leads among independents but showing he was down overall to Barack Obama. It turns out, many of the so-called “independents” were largely Republican voters who no longer chose to identify as a Republican.


We’re seeing the same thing play out this time around now that Donald Trump is losing and losing handily to Hillary Clinton. It’s remarkable considering how much Trump supporters played up the polls during the primaries. Now that he’s losing, the polls are bogus or they’re rigged by “the media.”

The most absurd arguments made when dismissing the polls are those citing Trump’s social media following and the number of people showing up at his rallies. Eric Bolling made this claim yesterday on The Five and Dana Perino was having none of it. Watch:

Talk about denial. While a poll here or there can be considered an outlying figure, the trends do not lie. It doesn’t matter if 10,000 people show up at a rally. Bolling is just being absurd here and it was right for Dana to call him out on his crap.

All of this is just a precursor to people like Bolling blaming everybody under the sun except for Donald Trump when loses in November. Rigged polls, rigged state operations, #NeverTrump people, “the establishment” and the RNC will all be targets for their ire.


They can do that all they want and live in their own fantasy worlds. But reality still exists for the rest of us.

And by the way? Dana took to Twitter soon after and dropped some truth nukes. Awesome.



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