Mark Levin TEARS Reince Priebus A New One For His Power Grab

What happened today at the Republican National Convention was just awful. It is pretty ironic that Donald Trump who for months has been whining about a “rigged system”, benefitted from that very system today.

Today we saw a naked power grab by Reince Priebus and others at the Republican National Convention. Having thwarted anti-Trump forces on the rules committee to allow delegates to be unbound from the start, activists sought to obtain a roll call vote to scrap all of the rules on the floor. Instead, there was a voice vote and without any clear winner between the “ayes” and “nays” it was declared the “ayes” had it. It wasn’t clear at all and when that is the case, there is a roll call vote to make the determination.

Mark Levin talked about it and went off on Reince Priebus:

Good for him. Whether you think it was about grassroots activism, anti-Trump sentiment or some of both, the fact is, the GOP basically strong-armed people into making sure there were no issues with Trump getting the nomination.

It seems to me there is no reason to have rules and procedures if the leaders in the party are just going to stomp all over them any chance they get.

h/t The Right Scoop