Nate Silver: Hillary Clinton Will Win The 2016 Election Over Donald Trump

Before anybody laughs, just remember on a state by state basis, Silver got 49 states right in 2008 and all 50 right in 2012. As Silver warns, there is still time for Trump to do something but his time is running out fast.

Silver was on Good Morning America. Here is his forecast:

Here is a clip discussing it with Hillary’s boy, George Stephanopoulos:

“We’re at halftime of the election right now,” Silver said. “She’s taking a 7-point, maybe a 10-point lead into halftime. There’s a lot of football left to be played. She’s ahead in almost every poll, every swing state, every national poll.”

Silver said “both candidates have a lot of room to grow,” but the only recent candidate to blow a lead like the one Clinton holds was Massachusetts’ then-Gov. Michael Dukakis in 1988.

“Trump has never been ahead of Clinton in the general election campaign,” Silver said. “He did a great job of appealing to the 40 percent of the GOP he had to win the election, the primary — a lot different than winning 51 percent of 100 percent.”

Unfortunately for Donald Trump there is this unstoppable force that will likely not allow him to catch Hillary Clinton by November: His mouth.

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