Trump, Who Didn't Know What #Brexit Is, Claims Victory As Validation For Him


There isn’t a day that goes by where Donald Trump doesn’t create a moment where my forehead meets my desk. It’s usually something he says rather than does that triggers the extreme gravity causing the collision of head and desk.

Donald Trump can’t shut up about Brexit now, but in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Trump had no clue what Brexit was:

His apologists would say, “Oh come on! He knew about what was going on but just didn’t know some fancy schmancy establishment term for what it is!” 


Hilariously, Trump is claiming Great Britain voting to leave the EU is validation for his own campaign.

‘‘I think there are great similarities between what happened here and my campaign,’’ Trump said from Scotland, where he was attending the opening of one of his golf courses. ‘‘People want to see borders. They don’t necessarily want people pouring into their country — that they don’t know who they are and where they come from.’’

This is absurd. First of all, for all the talk of borders, Great Britain is still very white. 90% and higher in most areas. Trump doesn’t have that luxury in the United States where there is a far more diverse population. Trump is as popular with minorities as a rat is in a room full of hungry stray cats.

Trump also blamed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton claiming it was their support for Great Britain staying in the EU that caused it to pass. That is what he said:

“[Obama] is constantly dictating to the world what they should do. The world doesn’t listen to him, obviously. You can see that from the vote. I actually think his recommendation…caused it to fail,”

I doubt very much British citizens were thinking “We need to stay!” heard Obama agree and then changed their minds. But this is the kind of simplistic thinking we expect from Trump.

Trump’s fortunes will have nothing to do with what happened in Great Britain. Still, expect him to try and continue to feed that narrative.

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