New Ted Cruz Super-PAC 'Defeat Crooked Hillary' Is Not About Supporting Donald Trump


It’s funny. People don’t want Hillary Clinton to win. But they also don’t want to directly support Donald Trump. It’s an understandable point of view. I don’t want to see Hillary Clinton as President. She’s incompetent, corrupt and would make a lousy President. But I also don’t want Dorito Head Trump in the oval office either.

For some, the prospect of Trump beating Hillary is the lesser of two evils and so as long as they can make donations to an organization focused on Hillary Clinton, they’ll do it. Now they may have their chance:

Robert Mercer, the GOP mega-donor and co-founder of Renaissance Technologies hedge fund who once backed Texas Senator Ted Cruz, is launching a super-PAC with a novel twist to get establishment-minded donors off the sidelines. The new project will informally be dubbed the “Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC” and, despite its Trumpian name, will focus solely on attacking Clinton, not boosting Trump. The idea is that conservative donors reluctant to support Trump can still donate in good conscience to a super-PAC that only attacks Clinton. “It’s a way to participate without [directly] supporting Trump,” says a source involved in the super-PAC’s creation.

Mercer’s new anti-Hillary vehicle is actually a refurbished version of Keep the Promise PAC, a pro-Cruz super-PAC that Mercer and his daughter Rebekah poured $13.5 million into during the primaries. Kellyanne Conway, the Republican pollster who is president of Keep the Promise PAC, may leave to join the Trump campaign.

The guy who will be running it, David Bossie understands the reticence some people have with supporting Trump:

“Some donors don’t want to associate with something overtly pro-Trump,” says Bossie. “This gives people an opportunity to aggressively get involved at whatever level they might want but have it solely focused on being a Hillary Clinton effort.”

It’s a smart move. Let’s face it, attacks on Hillary benefit nobody other than Donald Trump. This gives people who want to see her defeated, an outlet to do so without having to directly support Donald Trump. Whether it is successful or not, remains to be seen. Bossie is a smart guy so it will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

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