Flashback: Trey Gowdy Schools Homeland Security On Due Process/Watch Lists (VIDEO)

This was from 2015. But at a time when Democrats are using the horror of a terrorist to attack to advance their left-wing agenda as it relates to the second amendment, we are often reminded of the people who lead the way.

Flying on a plane is not a constitutional right. Owning a firearm is, and that includes an AR-15 which is a semi-automatic rifle, just as a .22 Ruger American Rimfire is a semi-automatic rifle. It is not as politicians and the media refer to it, “a weapon of war.”

Trey Gowdy was questioning the Homeland Security Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy’s, Kelli Ann Burriesci about terrorist watch lists and how she casually said if a citizen winds up on the list, they can just petition the government to be removed. Watch:

Nothing has changed. Democrats are willing to step all over the constitution. Why?

Because focusing on the tool the radical Islamic terrorist used to commit his terrorist act, is actually easier than focusing on radical Islamic terrorism.

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