Orlando Terrorist Shooting: The Left Makes It About Gun Control And The NRA


It never fails. The collective stupidity of the left is never more apparent than when there is some kind of violent tragedy that takes place on US soil, particularly when it involves guns.


Forget for a moment that this is yet another case where a shooter obtained the weapons he did, legally and not through some mythical gun show loophole. Omar Mateen shot and killed those people. Yet, here are some examples of the idiots on the left and what they had to say about it:


These people are the worst.

It wasn’t only them. A local Islamic leader in Florida tried to make it about gun control. 

Does these people stop to think even for a moment, terrorists — particularly those inspired by ISIS — don’t give a damn at all about gun laws? Mateen set out to commit a heinous act of terrorism. His goal was to kill a as many as possible.

If the shooter were a Christian? All we’d have heard all morning was how Christianity spurred the shooter to commit acts of violence against gay people.

But the shooter was part of a radicalized form of Islam that THROWS GAY PEOPLE OFF ROOFTOPS TO THEIR DEATH. 

So the left instead chooses to blame the NRA. Typical.



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