It's Ok To Move Jobs To Mexico So Long As You Hold Fundraisers For Trump


Donald Trump has made Mexico, in more ways than one, the centerpiece of his campaign. Whether he’s talking about building a wall, blathering ignorantly about trade deficits or threatening companies who move jobs to Mexico with punitive taxes, it has been his “Why we fight!” rallying cry.

His supporters keep rallying around the fact that he is “not a politician” and so therefore, when he says something, he means it (Unless he’s saying a judge cannot be impartial because of his Mexican heritage – then he’s being “misconstrued.”). Of course, pointing out that just because Trump has never held elective office, doesn’t mean it he’s not a politician. He is one. He’s been a player in the game from outside and now’s in the thick of it.

So now that Trump is the presumptive nominee, he needs to raise money. He needs to raise money because he has consistently lied about his own wealth and actually cannot self-fund his campaign against Hillary Clinton. So the very fundraisers he claims are nothing but arenas for which other candidates became “puppets” for the donors are now a reality for Trump.

And it gets better. Check this out from the Wall Street Journal:

Bill Binnie, who in 1990 was chairman and CEO of a plastics company that closed a California factory and moved the jobs to Mexico, will host a New Hampshire fundraiser on Monday for Mr. Trump, who has made railing against such relocations a centerpiece of his campaign.

Donald Trump will be at a fundraiser held by a business owner who closed up shop (at least part of it) in the USA and moved the jobs to Mexico. 

What do you think the Trumpkins will say about this? It doesn’t matter. They’ll excuse it for whatever reason they pull out of their rear ends at the given moment.

Expect more of this. Expect more of it because Trump is a fake. He’s a con-man. He fooled his marks to get to where he is and now he’s not going to care a whit about their concerns.

Nice choice, folks. Top notch work.



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